Rental House Angelina, for those who love hiking and nature walks, is located a short distance from the most beautiful trails of the Amalfi Coast:

The path of lemons

It's a strenuous walk, suitable for everyone and crosses one of the most beautiful and unknown stretches of the coast. The path starts from the Church of Santa Maria a Mare di Maiori, here you will find the road that goes up to the mountain. Along the path you can admire the typical cultivated terraces, green palettes that seem to throw themselves into the blue sea. It is here that the famous lemons of the coast known as "sfusato amalfitano" are cultivated according to particular techniques. Slowly rising, the view over the city and the coast becomes spectacular: walking you will reach a long staircase that leads, after about an hour's walk, to the Convent of St. Nicola. From San Nicola the path reaches Ravello, where you can enjoy the elegant Rufolo villa and its beautiful terrace overlooking the sea. Near the villa you will find the staircase that will lead you to Minori passing through the small Torre Village.

The Castle of San Nicola de Thoro-Plano

From Maiori charming walk leads to the ruins of a fortress built to protect the population from Lombard invasions. The fortress consisted of an old church with a bell tower adjacent to where you can visit the plant and part of the walls, dedicated to San Nicola de Thoro-Plano. The fortress guarded homes, barracks and shelters that housed the garrisons while tanks and warehouses ensured a supply of water and food in case of external invasion.

The Shrine of Our Lady dell'Avvocata

From Maiori an exciting path that combines the wonder of nature in search of the divine through the long climb on foot to the Marian Shrine. The Shrine of the Advocate, erected on Mount Falerzio overlooking a rocky wall, can be reached through a long stairway through chestnut woods and forests of oak, hornbeam and maple trees, chestnut trees and Mediterranean pastures.

The Path of the Gods

From Amalfi with Sita bus you reach Agerola, lush village on the Amalfi Coast. From Piazza Bomerano continue towards the wonderful Path of the Gods who come to Positano, immersed in the Mediterranean vegetation interspersed with terraced fields, ancient monasteries and rustic shelters that have made this trail famous in the world.

The Tower of the Ziro

An ancient watchtower overlooking the sea. This easy and pleasant walk leads to one of the symbols of the tormented history of Amalfi: the walls of the Grand Duchy of Amalfi with the Ziro Tower, one of the many towers scattered along the Amalfi Coast used to spot from a distance fleets Saracens who came from sea.

Valle delle ferriere

Behind Amalfi, a forest of ferns crossed by streams .... The Vallone delle Ferriere is a path that descends from the Monti Lattari to Amalfi through forests of ferns and along streams. The name derives from the presence of ruins of medieval ironworks. The area is also known as the Valley of the Mills to the presence in the final part of the mill powered by water that were used for the production of the famous Amalfi paper